Farfl the Wonderdog Goes Public!

Welcome to our website - I'm glad you found us!

Farfl the Wonderdog at 6 weeks old

Farfl the Wonderdog at 6 weeks old

Farfl the Wonderdog is a small, black chihuahua and this website celebrates both her specifically and more generally how fabulous the chihuahua breed is. Here's just some of what you'll see:

Chihuahua Pictures and Videos

I will be uploading videos and pictures of Farfl so that you can follow her development and training right from the day she was born.

Caring For Chihuahuas

There will be chihuahua facts, discussions on what it's like owning a chihuahua, caring for chihuahuas, chihuahua behavior and chihuahua puppy training.

Chihuahua Resources

Whether you're a chihuahua or other breed owner there will be helpful articles and links to related websites. We are also planning a store where you will be able to find chihuahua books and clothes.

If you have any suggestions for anything you would like to see on the site, please go to our Contact Page and let us know!

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