One Bad Decision Costs $2,000

Why didn't I put her in the crate....

Look how cute I am!

Look how cute I am!

My husband is finishing writing his latest book at the moment and is a little bit stressed. I needed to go out and get some coffee and go to the bank and I decided to take Farfl with me so that she wouldn't bug him. What a bad decision that turned out to be...Farfl had coped really well being in my purse the other day after puppy kindergarten class so I decided to pop her in there again and take her on a brief shopping trip. I took a pee pad and put it on the floor of the car and put my purse on top of it. I started to drive.

All was well until Farfl decided to get out of the purse to pee. "Good girl!" I cooed as she went on the pee pad. Then, "Good girl!" again as she did a poo on the pad. Then things all went horribly wrong. Farfl did two more poos and ran around in them trying to get out onto the passenger seat. I decided to pull into an underground car park to sort everything out and just as I was pulling in my purse fell off the passenger seat onto the puppy and the poo. I drove smack bang into a wall knocking out my front right light and smashing up the fender.

And this is why you must always, ALWAYS put your dog in the crate or secure her in a dog seat belt/harness - WHATEVER! Don't let one bad decision cost you $2,000!

You'll be glad to learn that the puppy, the purse and the person (me) all escaped unscathed. Farfl had a bath when she got home and I cleaned my purse and took the car to the body shop. An expensive, but valuable lesson.

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