Which Breeder?

Why and how I picked a breeder

Farfl and her foster brother and sister

Farfl and her foster brother and sister

So I finally decided on a chihuahua. But where should I get one from? Did I want an adult dog or or a puppy? From an animal rescue shelter or from a breeder?

I hadn’t had a dog in a long time, and I’d never had the opportunity to train one from scratch on my own, so I decided to get a puppy. Which meant finding a breeder, because I would never buy a puppy from a mill or a backyard seller. It is sometimes possible to get a puppy from a rescue organization, but I couldn’t find any online within the province.

I did an internet search for chihuahua breeders in Ontario and found a few. I checked out their websites and found out as much as I could about them. Then I emailed the ones I liked the sound of, explaining who I was, what my family and work situation was, why I had chosen a chihuahua and asking them to please let me know if they had any puppies available in the new year.

I chose January, despite the terrible weather conditions in Toronto, because historically it’s a really slow month for me work-wise. I figured I could dedicate real time to training and housebreaking so that when work did start coming in my puppy would be at the stage where crating would be possible.

The first breeder that got back to me ended up being the one I went with – she was very thorough and phoned me right away to ask me lots of questions about why a chihuahua, what I knew about the breed, what colour, coat and sex I was looking for, how old my kid was, more about our family situation etc. etc. I was very impressed with her. Other breeders also contacted me, but either didn’t have any puppies available in the time frame I wanted or didn’t seem particularly careful about who they chose, so I didn’t follow up with them.

Lenni Reed, of Sweet’n’Saucy Chihuahuas, was the breeder I chose. She had a puppy that would be ready to come home mid-January which was perfect. I sent her a deposit and planned my first visit.

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