Why a Chihuahua?

Of all the dogs in all the world......

Farfl at my kids feet the day we got her

Farfl at my kids feet the day we got her

It's what everyone I know asks - why a chihuahua? And it’s a good question.

First off, let me tell you that it took me months of thinking, reading, planning and researching to decide:

a) to get a dog at all and
b) to get a chihuahua.

There was my family to consider: my husband is fairly afraid of dogs (he had some bad experiences as a child) and we have a rescue cat. Jessica is pretty small, and has no front claws so I wanted something that she wouldn’t be terrified of and could feasibly boss around a bit! I’ve never really been a “small dog person” (the smallest dog I ever had before was an English cocker spaniel) and I thought chihuahuas were yappy little accessories that rich, stupid girls carried around in purses. I didn’t consider them to be “real” (i.e. doggie) dogs.

Then my girlfriend bought a chihuahua. I had no idea that she'd even bought a dog so when we went to their house I wasn’t expecting the little ball of energy that came barrelling towards me as I came through the door. Gem (the chihuahua) was a delight and suddenly I started wondering if this was the breed for me…

I began getting all the chihuahua books I could lay my hands on: Chihuahua: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz, The Chihuahua Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks) by D. Caroline Coile, Chihuahua (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series) by Barbara J. Andrews and my favourite, Chihuahuas For Dummies (For Dummies (Pets)), by Jacqueline O’Neil. I read and read and the more I read the more I thought: “This is the dog for me!”

Farfl in a ferret bed

Farfl in a ferret bed

I didn’t realize chihuahuas are so smart for their size. I found out that they could do agility and be therapy dogs. I saw that they’re far from just being accessories you can dress up.

The biggest hurdle for me in the decision to get a dog was always a lifestyle issue – how could I have a dog and still be able to work and live with myself for leaving the dog at home? A small dog is portable. A toy breed can fit into your carry-on. They travel well. They don’t take up much space. I could take my dog to the recording studio, to the tv or movie set, and yes, even shopping in my purse. I realized I could get a dog that would fit my work, my family and who could travel with me!

So... I decided to get a chihuahua. The next step was deciding where to buy one…..

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