A New Harness – A New Attitude!

Farfl was having problems with her nylon harness.

Farfl the Chihuahua in her pink harness

Farfl the Chihuahua in her pink harness

A few days ago I noticed a clump of hair was stuck in the plastic clip of Farfl's harness. I took it off her and, sure enough, there was a little bare patch of skin on her side. She scratches at the harness and shakes it all the time - at first I thought it just was taking some getting used to, but this morning when I put it on her and she yelped piteously I felt awful and was determined to get her something better.

There's a gorgeous, swanky dog accessory shop not far from where I live in midtown Toronto called The Dogfather. I had visited it before getting Farfl to check out what they actually had there. The girl in the shop was extremely helpful and friendly and showed me the items they had for a small dog. One thing that caught my eye was the Buddy Belt, a soft leather harness that the dog simply steps into and it does up at the back like a collar. At $36 it seemed really expensive, so I ended up getting a cheap nylon harness at another store. Big mistake.

After Farfl's outcry this morning at the pink harness I decided to take her down to The Dogfather and get her fitted for a Buddy Belt. Once again the girl in the store was most helpful and picked out the colour I'd been thinking of (red) and the smallest size for dogs under 2lbs. I managed to get it on Farfl without too much fuss and she happily trotted around the store in it to the delight of the other store assistant and another customer. I was very proud.

Farfl and the Buddy Belt

Farfl and the Buddy Belt

I brought her home, attached her leash to it and she walked very nicely all around the basement with me with no complaints. (It's -20 degrees Celsius here today with a wind-chill factor of -30 - too cold to walk a teacup chihuahua!) Although she has tried to chew it a couple of times (I distracted her with her chew bone) she otherwise seems much happier, both with the leash attached and without. And it's lovely to be able to put it on her without any crying! I can't wait for the weather to warm up on Saturday and take her for a decent walk....

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  1. Cindy says:

    Great post. I have had clients with the same issues.. now I know where to look. Thank you!

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  2. Rill says:

    You’re welcome. Although Farfl has now progressed to a small leather collar, I may well re-institute the Buddy Belt to accommodate all of her tags – for rabies innocularion, her license etc. I saw another chihuahua-owner had done that and I think it’s a great idea!

  3. Ivan L. says:

    First off I want to say your dog is very cute. My wife and I are looking into getting a small dog for the house. I saw that buddy belt Farfl was wearing. It looks comfortable and I am definitly getting it for my dog when we find the right companion. Also, thanks for the post and keep us informed on Farfl.
    .-= Ivan L.´s last blog ..Cherry Blossom Adjustable Lupine Collars For Cheap =-.

  4. Rill says:

    Hey Ivan

    Thanks! Although Farfl has graduated to a “real” collar I’m considering putting her back on a Buddy Belt for the winter – it’s easier to manage with her winter jackets! Hope you find a small dog for your house – make sure to do your research on breeds. Chihuahuas are not for everyone, especially if you have small kids.

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