Choosing a Vet

The right vet makes all the difference.


Farfl and her football

When I was doing my research on chihuahuas I started looking for a decent vet. I needed to get a vet anyway since our cat, Jessica, had started to go outside.

Jess spent most of her early life as an indoor cat - we got her from Toronto Humane Society when she was about a year old. She had already been declawed at the front and spayed. When we moved this time last year, I was determined to give Jess the chance to go outside if she wanted to. And she jumped at the chance!

So about the same time I started looking into getting a dog, I needed to get a vet to make sure that Jess was protected against heartworm and other parasites that can affect outdoor cats. I also needed to get her micro-chipped. I asked friends with small dogs for their recommendations and on their combined advice I paid a visit to Rosedale Animal Hospital to get a feel for the place.

I found the receptionists very helpful and friendly and booked Jess in right away for an appointment. The vet I saw was Dr. Hillary Butler - a super lady who clearly loves her work and was very gentle with a terrified Jess! While I was there I talked to her about the fact that I was getting a chihuahua and she gave me lots of helpful advice about socializing, vaccination scheduling for small breeds and puppy training in the area. She said she was really looking forward to meeting Farfl in the new year!

Unfortunately Hillary was ill the first time I took Farfl into the practice - she told me the next time I saw her that she was really disappointed not to have been there to meet her. She was impressed at how friendly Farfl was and said that unfortunately there are only three chihuahuas who come into the practice who don't have to be muzzled! I told her I had worked very hard socializing Farfl to make sure that she was friendly with both animals and people.

I feel very comfortable with my vet and I'm glad I took the time to make sure I chose the right practice, and an individual that I trust, that I feel is knowledgeable about the breed and that understands my unique concerns. I know Lenni Reed, Farfl's breeder, swears by her vet and has told him he's not allowed to retire!

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