Farfl Has a New Friend!

Okay, this is ridiculously cute.

I took Farfl to my girlfriend's house last week. The girlfriend, in fact, who inspired me to get a chihuahua in the first place. Her little chi is called Gem and is an absolute sweetheart. I had read in several books on chihuahuas that they get on best with their own breed. But I had no idea if this was really true...Gem was a bit hesitant when we first arrived at my friend's house. Farfl was pretty friendly, as usual, and very playful. Then they decided that they were going to be BFFs:

I'm so glad they got on with each other - my girlfriend and I have offered to dogsit for each other when necessary. I'm so happy to have found a dog pal for Farfl. And the books were right! Chihuahuas do really seem to get on better with members of their own breed.


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