Pet Wars – the Saga Continues…

I blame Sarah.

She encouraged me to film the dog and the cat fighting and now I'm addicted. This is a great example of the two animals at play.

Jess gets quite physical with Farfl in this one - Farfl is quite barky. Then Farfl tries to impress Jess with lots of twirling and chasing her tail. Jess remains unimpressed and slinks off. Farfl twirls for my amusement. The end.

On a positive note, now that I've stopped intervening in their spats, the dog and the cat are managing the situation much better - I stop Farfl from barking too much (it just gets annoying) and I let Jess swipe at Farfl to let her know who's boss. Jess was here first, after all. Luckily, because Jess was declawed when we got her, there's no danger to Farfl's protruding eyes - a feature of the chihuahua breed.

  1. sarah says:

    how could i have missed this? i like the contrast especially between the slow, dignifiedness of jess and the fast-spasticness of farfl. classic!
    can’t wait to meet in person
    miss you loads!

  2. Rill says:

    I love when Jess is doing her “I’m invisible” walk and Farfl is leaping around like a demented gibbon. Hilarious. Seriously – better than the telly.

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