Neutering Your Chihuahua

Neutering Your Chihuahua I hate the idea of an invasive procedure. But it's every responsible owner's duty to have their pet fixed. But what are the things you need to consider before getting your chihuahua neutered? I signed a non-breeding agreement when I bought Farfl from Lenni Reed in November 2008 - I have no wish to go through the stress of owning a pregnant dog and dealing with the care of puppies, especially...

Transitioning from pee-pads to going outside

Transitioning from pee-pads to going outside It was going to have to happen sometime. Now that it's warmer in Toronto and I want to take Farfl places, she needs to be properly house trained so that she knows that it's not appropriate to "go" indoors. But how do you make that transition? Farfl is so used to being able to go whenever she pleases  because she's had access to a pee-pad at all times - I wondered how to teach her that it's best...

Farfl appears on her first talk show!

Okay, it's only the silly video podcast that me and my friend Josh do every so often, but it's a start! "Talking Bollocks" is an occasional chat show devised by me, Marilla Wex, and Josh Rachlis - voice artist, film-maker and eco-warrior. We started it because we both wanted to be on chat shows but no one was asking us. So we started our own. Please be aware that there is content that is not...

Going Off-Leash

Going Off-Leash If there's one thing I've learned since getting a small dog, it's that you might be able to control your dog off-leash, but you sure as hell can't control anyone else's. One of the things you have to realize as a chihuahua owner is that although your little prince or princess might behave impeccably at the park, the same cannot be said for OPDs or Other People's Dogs (or their bloody owners, for...

Our Contact Page is Fixed!

Our Contact Page is Fixed! I know I should have done this a while ago, but hey-ho. You'll all be thrilled to know that I've finally gotten around to fixing the contact page on this website. I apologize that it's taken me a while - I was trying to be clever and that's rarely a good idea. Now you can email us with your questions, stories etc. and you will get a response! Thanks for your...
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