Farfl appears on her first talk show!

Okay, it's only the silly video podcast that me and my friend Josh do every so often, but it's a start!

"Talking Bollocks" is an occasional chat show devised by me, Marilla Wex, and Josh Rachlis - voice artist, film-maker and eco-warrior. We started it because we both wanted to be on chat shows but no one was asking us. So we started our own.

Please be aware that there is content that is not suitable for everyone in this podcast - there are a couple of swear words and the show is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. If you are easily offended I suggest you skip these videos! You have been warned....

In part one of this episode we find out why I got a dog, how Farfl got her name, and what makes a chihuahua a chihuahua:

In part two I explain to Josh how pee-pads work, he tells me about DogBook and we talk about if having a dog makes you more social:

To see more in the "Talking Bollocks" series go to my website.

  1. Maria Price says:

    Yikes, I hope Farfl didn’t eat the liver that Josh was eating. I think it’s bad for dogs.
    My two chihuahuas wake me up at 6 am in the morning with a lick in the face! My hubby insists we sleep with them. What do you think about that?
    My teacup looks like Farfl’s cousin because he is charcoal with white on his face. He hates a collar and harness, but I want to try the leather one that you got…I hope that will work…my boy is already 1.5 years.

  2. Maria Price says:

    Oh,…haha! I had to LOL when you said the chi is like a retarded child…or shall we say special. My teacup is a special child that only knows to go around in a circle as his special trick. The other one knows…bark…sit…jump…outside…get the ball…treat, but I think it’s cuz he’s half terrier. But the special teacup sure does know how to be a watchdog!

  3. Rill says:

    I must admit I used to have Farfl sleeping with us but it got a bit ridiculous – she would cry and cry so I trained her out of it the week my husband was away!

  4. Rill says:

    Farfl’s pretty smart, but not as smart as my kid!

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