Farfl’s First Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up

Puppy kindergarten was over...she'd had all her shots...it was time.


Farfl and me at PawsWay

We were excited. This would be the first time since she came from her breeder that Farfl would be hanging out with more than one other chihuahua!

It was also the first time Farfl had been on public transport. We walked to Davisville subway station and took the TTC down to Union where we got on a streetcar to PawsWay. Luckily we met a lovely lady at the streetcar who worked at the coffee shop there and she showed us where to go when we got off.

PawsWay is a pet-friendly "Pet Discovery Centre" that hosts events and holds exhibitions all about pet ownership.

I found out about the Toronto Chihuahua meet-up by doing a Google search for chihuahuas in Toronto. Tina Chuck, the organizer, advertises on a forum called Toronto Chihuahua which is a great place for chihuahua owners in the Greater Toronto Area to share information, stories and advice.

I had wanted to come to the meet-ups for ages, but either Farfl hadn't had her shots or the meet-ups conflicted with her training at Petsmart, so this was the first time we were able to go.


Farfl takes a break

Everyone was very friendly and seemed excited to meet a new puppy. Lots of people commented on what a great colour and shape Farfl is, which was fantastic - I was very proud!

Farfl had an amazing time - tearing around with other dogs in an enclosed space off leash and being picked up and cuddled by lots of friendly chihuahua owners was great for her socialization.

There was a fashion show and although Farfl is not what I would call a "bling-bling" puppy, she trotted around in her outfit beautifully and actually won second prize! She's been enjoying her bag of dried pig skin ever since.....

I really loved meeting other local chihuahua owners and getting advice and tips from them. It's great to be part of a community that knows so much about the breed and makes such an effort to get together and have a great time with their pets.


Farfl and a cute 3-legged chihuahua

  1. sarah says:

    dude, what was her outfit?????

  2. Rill says:

    It’s the jacket she’s wearing in the next blog – she hates wearing it, so I had to take it off right after she won!


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