Farfl falling asleep

Ooh, this might be the cutest video ever....... Too cute!...

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous Chihuahua.com

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous Chihuahua.com Famous Chihuahua is one of our favourite websites, so when we got the email that Farfl was the featured chihuahua of the day, we were super-excited! Check out Farfl's page and the rest of the website - if you love chihuahuas, you'll love Famous...

Farfl Gets The Zoomies

Does your dog ever run up the walls? For fun? Farfl goes a little stir-crazy when it's raining and I discovered that she can burn off a lot of energy in our basement because it is carpeted (unlike the rest of the house which has bare floorboards) and she can get some decent traction. I've wanted to capture her "zoomies" for the longest time. And here they are. I think you'll agree - well worth...

Farfl Tries To Make Friends With The Cat

At six months old Farfl is becoming a more mature chihuahua... But that doesn't mean that Jess the cat wants anything to do with her. Poor Farfl tries to impress Jess with her new chew bone, but all Jess does is growl and slink away. Better luck next time, little...
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