Farfl Gets The Zoomies

Does your dog ever run up the walls? For fun?

Farfl goes a little stir-crazy when it's raining and I discovered that she can burn off a lot of energy in our basement because it is carpeted (unlike the rest of the house which has bare floorboards) and she can get some decent traction. I've wanted to capture her "zoomies" for the longest time. And here they are.

I think you'll agree - well worth the wait!

  1. Faith says:

    I hope she doesn’t do anything to the books or shelving while she’s romping around down there…

  2. Rill says:

    Don’t worry, Faith – Wex’s library is safe. Farfl is (and will remain, tenks gott) too small to cause any damage.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hello! I found you on Famous Chihuahua and had to come visit because I have a little black chihuahua, too. Farfl is SO cute! I love the close-up at the end of the video.

    Come visit our website sometime!

    Sharon and Dobby

  4. Rill says:

    Hey Sharon – I looked at your blog – Dobby is gorgeous! It’s funny, Farfl’s parents are from the States. There don’t seem to be any other black Chihuahuas in Canada. People are always asking me what kind of dog she is because they don’t know from black Chihuahuas. Curious. It’s nice to find another black one!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Funny. One of my dogs (silky terrier) used to do that in his younger years. I got such a kick out of it. Especially when they would run out of the room and a few seconds would go by, and then they would come running back as if they just ran to the opposite end of the house, and came running back.

    It’s a bit hard to put into words, so my explanation may be a bit strange. My point is, when I was younger and he would get riled up enough to do this, my favorite part was when he would run away, then come running back like a mad dog. That one pause when he’s out of the room, and you’re just anxiously waiting for him to come running back was the best. haha.

    It sure did burn a lot of energy! He’s turning 11 this year, though, and I haven’t seen him do this for years.

  6. Rill says:

    When Farfl was a tiny puppy she would do this when she was really tired and needed to go to bed. These days (she’s nearly two) she does it when she’s super-excited. Her tail goes all bendy and her tongue hangs out. She makes a weird little Chihuahua noise. It’s very funny!

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