Farfl Comes to Work

I was excited. Farfl was excited. Everyone in the office was excited.

farfl_at_workI've been temping in a downtown office in Toronto and yesterday the office manager suggested I bring my dog to work. I was ecstatic! This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but sadly haven't had the opportunity. I jumped at the chance!

My husband was thrilled because Farfl hasn't been going out to poo or pee while I've been temping and he's been a bit worried about that. He's left the front door open, called her, tried to entice her with treats, but no joy. Farfl has refused to go out if I'm not there.

I packed a bag this morning with things I thought she would need - food and water bowl, kibble, toy, blanket to sit on - and we set off on the TTC. Everyone at the office greeted her cheerfully and she trotted around quite happily, making friends with another office dog, Sophie.

Then, after a while, she got a bit barky and I had to put her on a leash. I was mortified and my colleague said I'd better try to get her to stop or it wouldn't go down well. This was quite stressful and I disciplined her each time she barked - gradually it got less and less and I could let her off the leash again.

She's been learning "in your bed" at PetSmart and this really paid off well - I took her blanket and she went to it when I asked. I was pleased about that! But when people came past her she growled and barked. I think it was mainly fear-based, and she got better during the day.

It was a bit stressful, but altogether a good learning experience for both of us! Ultimately I want her to come to the recording studio with me when I work - or the film set. For that, she needs to be better trained. I still have some work to do!

Thanks to Urban Strategies for letting me bring her in and realize where I'm at with her training.

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