Farfl has been spayed!

Yes, Farfl is back from the vet's having been neutered.

I picked her up from the vet's at lunchtime today and all is well. She has a couple of stitches and had two baby teeth taken out at the same time as being spayed - the vet even kept them for me!

Apparently she did really well - sometimes chihuahuas' breathing can get "huffy" while under anaesthetic, but Farfl was fine.

She was agressive to the staff while in the cage she recovered in, but the vet told me that as soon as they got her out she was fine. I've noticed that she gets quite territorial in her bed and I had a few problems with her at work - I need to work more on this.

I can only take her on short walks for the next ten days and can't let her jump around with other dogs - she will miss her intermediate training graduation tomorrow! The timing wasn't brilliant, but I was determined that my vet performed the procedure, so we couldn't get a better date.

I have pain killers for her for the next two days and her stitches come out in two weeks' time. I'm so glad it's over - it was more nerve-wracking and stressful than I'd anticipated!

I'm pleased I made the decision to have her neutered - since she's too small to breed from and I don't want to put her life at risk with any unwanted pregnancies (and since there are already too many dogs in shelters needing homes) it was definitely the right decision.

She's asleep now - exhausted from all the change and excitement. We'll be taking it easy for the next few days and she'll be back to normal before you know it!

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  1. Lenni Reed says:

    Hi Marilla,
    I am so happy everything went well Farfl’s spay, I know what a concern it can be. I can certainly tell by all your posts & videos she is a very happy little girl. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

  2. Rill says:

    Oh Lenni, she is such a joy – an absolute pleasure. She’s a little diamond! Thanks so much for letting me have her!


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