Chihuahua birthday pictures

Farfl the chihuahua is one year old!

Farfl the chihuahua is one year old!

This week Farfl celebrated her first birthday. I guess I can't describe her as a puppy anymore.....

Although her birthday was on Monday we really celebrated on Sunday when I took Farfl to the Toronto Chihuahua meet-up at PawsWay. Farfl won third prize in the fancy dress competition in her taco costume that I bought at Bloomingtails.


Er...her costume doesn't look much like a taco in this picture...

We had a lovely time - there were plenty of games and it was great to see Farfl confidently greet and play with all the other chihuahuas. She is still the smallest chihuahua at the meet-up (apart from a three-month-old puppy) and many people commented on how well-trained she is. I was a very proud chi-mommy, especially when I told everyone how she was about to go into the all-chihuahua advanced training at PetSmart!

I waited a long time to get a dog. And I'm so glad I chose a chihuahua. I haven't regretted it once!

  1. Newt says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Farfl !!!
    You are 6 months old than me, so I guess that means I’ll be looking up to you for advice on how to deal with these “humans”. So far, so good. My 2 human mommies have treated me exceptionally well, and after reading your website, you seem to be getting the royal treatment just like me.
    Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Birthday Farf. Hope to see you in the park sometime soon so that I can give you a big birthday roll-in-the-leaves hug. Here’s to being 2 yet staying small forever!
    Your small friend, Newt.

  2. Rill says:

    Thanks, Newt! (and Lori)

    Farfl is now 2 years old – see her latest blog post here.

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