Operation Chihuahua!

Rebecca Katz, director of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control Agency

The numbers of Chihuahuas turning up in rescue centres across the United States since the release of the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" have reached crisis point.

The problem is particularly bad in California where it has been dubbed the "Paris Hilton syndrome". In December twenty-five Chihuahuas were flown from Los Angeles to New Hampshire to be rehomed. Forty more are being prepared to make the same journey early this year.

Last week Virgin America flew 15 Chihuahuas from San Francisco to New York for rehoming. You can find Operation Chihuahua pictures and videos on Virgin America's Facebook page.

I bought a dog from a breeder when I got Farfl because it was the first dog I'd had in many years and I didn't want too many surprises. I know if and when I ever get another dog it will be a rescue Chihuahua. It saddens me that prospective owners don't do any research on dog ownership and the breed in general - they just see a cute dog in a purse or in a movie and buy one thinking it will be no more effort than owning a stuffed animal.

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