Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up

Farfl and I had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up at PawsWay.

Thanks so much to Tina Chuck for organizing another great event. There were between twenty and thirty dogs there with their owners, two tiny puppies and lots of fun! It really is a wonderful way to socialize your dogs off-leash in a safe environment.

Is there a Chihuahua group in your area? I found the downtown Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up group by Googling "Chihuahua" and "Toronto". If there isn't, why not start one of your own? It's a great opportunity to learn more about the breed from other owners. I've found out a ton of information from members of the group and been able to share my experience and knowledge of common health conditions like luxating patellas and reverse sneezing.

If you belong to a local Chihuahua group then let me know what you've learned from hanging out with other Chihuahua fanatics!

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