Chihuahua adopts kittens

This has to be the cutest Chihuahua news story in ages.

In Surrey, British Columbia, a new Chihuahua mom called Buttercup has adopted not one, not two, but nine kittens!

The story started off sadly - Buttercup lost a puppy four hours after it was born. Her owner, a vet called Lisa Scribner, was worried how dejected Buttercup seemed until she got a call that a litter of five kittens had been found abandoned.

Buttercup took care of the five kittens until they were weaned. Then four more kittens needed a surrogate mom when theirs died during an emergency caesarean section. Now Buttercup has more kitties to care for! Click here to see the original story.

  1. How lucky are these little kittens having such a devoted mum!!! seriously sweet!!!

  2. Rill says:

    I know. It’s ridiculously cute.

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