Farfl’s best friend

Although Farfl has many friends in the park I take her to, there is one dog that I think she loves above all others - Newt.

We first met Newt at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-up group and haven't stopped bumping into him since - luckily he only lives across the park from us.

I read a lot about Chihuahuas before Farfl came to me and one of the facts I found most intriguing was that Chihuahuas get on with other Chihuahuas better than other breeds. Although Farfl is pretty well-socialized and will say hello to any dog (unless it's a big one running right at her) I would agree that she loves to hang out with other Chihuahuas the most.

We are lucky in our local park - there are three other Chihuahuas we see regularly: Newt, of course, but also Bella and Lola. We've only managed to get them all together once (and of course I didn't remember to bring along a camera) and it was wonderful.

PS - don't anyone tell Asher the Yorkshire Terrier.

  1. Sharon says:

    How funny, Newt is the same colors as Dobby’s best friend, Zinnia!

    Aren’t they just too cute when there’s a bunch of tiny pups running around together? Love it!

    Sharon and Dobby

  2. what kind if dog is she? she looks exactly like mine and i’m dying to know what kind of dog mine is.

  3. Rill says:


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