Farfl and the fleece

Okay, so my first mistake was dropping my fleece on the floor. Once Farfl got hold of it it became her new bed. And she hasn't given it up yet. The only thing that distracts her is when my kid comes home....

Cute chihuahua picture of the week

Cute chihuahua picture of the week Farfl was "chillin'" (as I believe the kids say) and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of her. I knitted the blanket for Farfl before she was old enough to come home. Click on the "More" link to see more pictures. The blanket is on top of a cushion that my best friend Emma made for me before I emigrated to Canada from England. It's next to my desk in my home office and it's where Farfl hangs...

Chihuahua costumes for Halloween

Chihuahua costumes for Halloween I know I only just wrote about Bloomingtails but I just got a Tweet from them (you can follow them on Twitter here) reminding me that Halloween is coming up. I saw this costume for Farfl but for some reason forgot to order it in my excitement about getting Farfl's custom-made fleece playsuit for the winter. I just went back online and ordered it - their selection is fantastic! Really delicious...

Knit a chihuahua sweater

Knit a chihuahua sweater It's been getting a little cooler in Toronto these past few days. I'd been meaning to knit Farfl a few sweaters for the Autumn, but had been busy knitting socks for myself and my girlfriend Sarah. Then one evening last week when Farfl balked at going outside I knew I had to pull my finger out! I don't know about you, but I find it really difficult finding knitting patterns for very small dogs...

Fantastic online clothing store for toy breeds

Fantastic online clothing store for toy breeds I'm always on the lookout for excellent online clothing stores for my chihuahua. Until now I hadn't found one that had a wide collection of products with a decent price range and, most importantly for me up in Canada, reasonable shipping and handling costs. I belong to a Facebook group called Toronto Chihuahua - we meet up once a month at an off-leash park or the indoor facility at PawsWay. It's...
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