Chihuahua adopts kittens

Chihuahua adopts kittens This has to be the cutest Chihuahua news story in ages. In Surrey, British Columbia, a new Chihuahua mom called Buttercup has adopted not one, not two, but nine kittens! The story started off sadly - Buttercup lost a puppy four hours after it was born. Her owner, a vet called Lisa Scribner, was worried how dejected Buttercup seemed until she got a call that a litter of five kittens had been...

Smallest Chihuahua in the World?

Smallest Chihuahua in the World? I read today in the British newspaper the Telegraph online about a really tiny Chihuahua bred in Yorkshire, England. Lulu (pictured above) is only four inches high at nine weeks. Her owner, Jean Tindall, who has bred Chihuahuas for most of her life, says she's never seen a smaller one and won't be selling her even though she's had a lot of interest in the tiny puppy. Have you come across a...

Operation Chihuahua!

Operation Chihuahua! The numbers of Chihuahuas turning up in rescue centres across the United States since the release of the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" have reached crisis point. The problem is particularly bad in California where it has been dubbed the "Paris Hilton syndrome". In December twenty-five Chihuahuas were flown from Los Angeles to New Hampshire to be rehomed. Forty more are being prepared to make...

Chihuahua costumes for Halloween

Chihuahua costumes for Halloween I know I only just wrote about Bloomingtails but I just got a Tweet from them (you can follow them on Twitter here) reminding me that Halloween is coming up. I saw this costume for Farfl but for some reason forgot to order it in my excitement about getting Farfl's custom-made fleece playsuit for the winter. I just went back online and ordered it - their selection is fantastic! Really delicious...

Fantastic online clothing store for toy breeds

Fantastic online clothing store for toy breeds I'm always on the lookout for excellent online clothing stores for my chihuahua. Until now I hadn't found one that had a wide collection of products with a decent price range and, most importantly for me up in Canada, reasonable shipping and handling costs. I belong to a Facebook group called Toronto Chihuahua - we meet up once a month at an off-leash park or the indoor facility at PawsWay. It's...
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