Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen!

Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen! I'm lucky enough to be going to London, Ontario next year for a couple of months to perform in a theatre play and Farfl's coming too! I'll be travelling between London and Toronto mostly using the train so I've been searching high and low for a good bag to carry Farlf in. Her hard-sided carrying crate is a bit unwieldy to shlep around with a suitcase! All the carriers I've looked at have been too...

Farfl in the park

Chihuahuas may be small....but they sure are mighty! I worked really hard with Farfl to socialize her as much as possible with dog of many different breeds, sizes and energy levels to make sure that she would be as confident as possible wherever we went. And it certainly paid off! Here she is off-leash with a couple of other dogs at our local park. Unless she is surrounded by many dogs she...

Farfl’s first hotel stay

Finding a dog-friendly hotel is no easy feat. Last weekend was visiting day at my kid's camp. In Sudbury. Which will mean nothing to anyone unless they live in Ontario, Canada. I'm a city slicker now, but I grew up in darkest Warwickshire. Very pretty, very rural, tiny village, not much going on. But a damn site cuter than Sudbury. But I digress - this blog post is not supposed to be about...

What Do You Do With Your Dog When You Go On Vacation?

What Do You Do With Your Dog When You Go On Vacation? My husband and I had planned a trip to England for a few days. Michael is a writer and was invited to appear at Jewish Book Week in London.  A fantastic opportunity for him to promote his work to the British market and a perfect excuse for me to get back home, eat fish and chips and drink real beer. But what should we do with Farfl while we were gone? We couldn't take her with us because she...

Choosing a Vet

Choosing a Vet The right vet makes all the difference. When I was doing my research on chihuahuas I started looking for a decent vet. I needed to get a vet anyway since our cat, Jessica, had started to go outside. Jess spent most of her early life as an indoor cat - we got her from Toronto Humane Society when she was about a year old. She had already been declawed at the front and spayed. When we moved this...
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