Chihuahua advanced training graduation

Chihuahua advanced training graduation Right before Christmas Farfl and her fellow chihuahuas graduated from their advanced training course at PetSmart. Click on the title above or the "more" link to see all the great pictures of her displaying her advanced skills! Before they could earn their certificates the three chihuahuas had to be put through their paces. The first exercise was a sit stay. The dogs were all put on long leashes...

Farfl starts an all-chihuahua advanced training group

Farfl starts an all-chihuahua advanced training group Tonight Farfl had her first all-chihuahua advancd training session at PetSmart. I've been looking forward to this class for months - and it didn't disappoint! There were just three other dogs - Bobby, a very bouncy and friendly little chi, Mac, a long-legged cutie-pie with a barking problem and Charlie, a very shy fawn-coloured Taco Bell chihuahua. Julian was our trainer this evening - I've seen...

Aggressive Dog on our Walk

Aggressive Dog on our Walk Ugh - it's been one of those days where through no fault of your own you get into something with a complete stranger. I was taking Farfl on a long walk through the park and alongside Mount Pleasant Cemetery in midtown Toronto this afternoon. As usual, Farfl goes off-leash as soon as we're on the pathway - as do lots of other dogs on that pedestrianized stretch. On the bridge a woman was...

Farfl Comes to Work

Farfl Comes to Work I was excited. Farfl was excited. Everyone in the office was excited. I've been temping in a downtown office in Toronto and yesterday the office manager suggested I bring my dog to work. I was ecstatic! This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but sadly haven't had the opportunity. I jumped at the chance! My husband was thrilled because Farfl hasn't been going out to poo or pee...

Transitioning from pee-pads to going outside

Transitioning from pee-pads to going outside It was going to have to happen sometime. Now that it's warmer in Toronto and I want to take Farfl places, she needs to be properly house trained so that she knows that it's not appropriate to "go" indoors. But how do you make that transition? Farfl is so used to being able to go whenever she pleasesĀ  because she's had access to a pee-pad at all times - I wondered how to teach her that it's best...
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