Farfl Graduates From Puppy Kindergarten

Farfl Graduates From Puppy Kindergarten She made it all the way through her eight weeks of basic training! I'd heard pretty mixed reviews of training classes at Petsmart, but as soon as I met Heather I knew I was in the right place. I'd only gone into Petsmart to buy some cat claw clippers to trim Farfl's tiny nails when a very helpful lady who introduced herself to me as Heather offered to show me where they were. I told her I was...

Farfl’s Foe

I wish I could tell you that my dog and my cat get on well together. But that, frankly, would be a fat lie. Farfl is pretty good on the whole - she doesn't usually pick a fight with Jess, but sometimes the temptation to go and sniff her is just too much. Then Jess starts growling then Farfl starts play bowing and then Jess goes for her and Farfl barks. Oy. Here's a very short video of them in...

A New Harness – A New Attitude!

A New Harness – A New Attitude! Farfl was having problems with her nylon harness. A few days ago I noticed a clump of hair was stuck in the plastic clip of Farfl's harness. I took it off her and, sure enough, there was a little bare patch of skin on her side. She scratches at the harness and shakes it all the time - at first I thought it just was taking some getting used to, but this morning when I put it on her and she yelped...

Housetraining a Chihuahua

Housetraining a Chihuahua Small dogs get a bad rap when it comes to house training Because they're little, it can be easy to overlook a chihuahua puppy's accidents, because they're not as gigantic or disastrous as those left by a rottweiler or shepherd puppy. But this is a big mistake. I live in Toronto, which is very, very cold and snowy in the winter time. This makes housetraining tricky because it's not safe to take a...

Leash Training Breakthrough!

Leash Training Breakthrough! I was a bit embarrassed at puppy kindergarten this week. Our homework for the first week of puppy training was having the puppy on a leash tied to you at all times except if the puppy was tethered while you were doing something like cooking. Let's just say it didn't exactly go to plan. One of the issues I hadn't quite counted on with a small dog is that although you can find tiny, lightweight...
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