This week’s cute Chihuahua picture

This week’s cute Chihuahua picture You gotta love these pictures of Farfl with her turtle on the basement stairs. I dare you not to say "Awwww!" at least once. I DARE YOU! Click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures. [Show as slideshow]

Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week

Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week Farfl and I were out for a Sunday afternoon walk when we met Nathan and his camera. Nathan takes pictures of his two dogs all the time and offered to take some candid shots of Farfl. These are the results. Farfl shows off her Buddy...

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up Farfl and I had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up at PawsWay. Thanks so much to Tina Chuck for organizing another great event. There were between twenty and thirty dogs there with their owners, two tiny puppies and lots of fun! It really is a wonderful way to socialize your dogs off-leash in a safe environment. Is there a Chihuahua group in your area? I found the...

Farfl the Charity Chihuahua

Farfl the Charity Chihuahua In a couple of weeks' time I'm doing a benefit comedy gig in aid of Gilda's Club Toronto - a charity named for Gilda Radner which supports cancer patients and their families. Before Christmas we had the photo shoot in front of the famous red door of Gilda's Club. I took Farfl along and she ended up being in all the publicity pictures (check her out on the far left)! It was a fairly brisk day so I...

Chihuahua advanced training graduation

Chihuahua advanced training graduation Right before Christmas Farfl and her fellow chihuahuas graduated from their advanced training course at PetSmart. Click on the title above or the "more" link to see all the great pictures of her displaying her advanced skills! Before they could earn their certificates the three chihuahuas had to be put through their paces. The first exercise was a sit stay. The dogs were all put on long leashes...
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