Farfl starts an all-chihuahua advanced training group

Farfl starts an all-chihuahua advanced training group Tonight Farfl had her first all-chihuahua advancd training session at PetSmart. I've been looking forward to this class for months - and it didn't disappoint! There were just three other dogs - Bobby, a very bouncy and friendly little chi, Mac, a long-legged cutie-pie with a barking problem and Charlie, a very shy fawn-coloured Taco Bell chihuahua. Julian was our trainer this evening - I've seen...

Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen!

Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen! I'm lucky enough to be going to London, Ontario next year for a couple of months to perform in a theatre play and Farfl's coming too! I'll be travelling between London and Toronto mostly using the train so I've been searching high and low for a good bag to carry Farlf in. Her hard-sided carrying crate is a bit unwieldy to shlep around with a suitcase! All the carriers I've looked at have been too...

Best chihuahua snowsuit ever!

Farfl's snowsuit arrived! [Show as slideshow] Click on each photo to see it full-size. A...

Chihuahua birthday pictures

Chihuahua birthday pictures This week Farfl celebrated her first birthday. I guess I can't describe her as a puppy anymore..... Although her birthday was on Monday we really celebrated on Sunday when I took Farfl to the Toronto Chihuahua meet-up at PawsWay. Farfl won third prize in the fancy dress competition in her taco costume that I bought at Bloomingtails. We had a lovely time - there were plenty of games and it was...

This week’s cute chihuahua picture!

This week’s cute chihuahua picture! The weather in Toronto has been amazing recently - cool, but sunny with blue skies and fantastic autumn leaves in the trees. I've been taking Farfl out in the afternoons - it's too cold in the morning and the evening and she simply refuses. So we go for a long walk after lunch - usually about an hour - and finish up in the park where Farfl loves to chase and chew sticks....
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