Which Breeder?

Which Breeder? Why and how I picked a breeder So I finally decided on a chihuahua. But where should I get one from? Did I want an adult dog or or a puppy? From an animal rescue shelter or from a breeder? I hadn’t had a dog in a long time, and I’d never had the opportunity to train one from scratch on my own, so I decided to get a puppy. Which meant finding a breeder, because I would never buy a puppy from...

Why a Chihuahua?

Why a Chihuahua? Of all the dogs in all the world...... It's what everyone I know asks - why a chihuahua? And it’s a good question. First off, let me tell you that it took me months of thinking, reading, planning and researching to decide: a) to get a dog at all and b) to get a chihuahua. There was my family to consider: my husband is fairly afraid of dogs (he had some bad experiences as a child) and...

Farfl the Wonderdog Goes Public!

Farfl the Wonderdog Goes Public! Welcome to our website - I'm glad you found us! Farfl the Wonderdog is a small, black chihuahua and this website celebrates both her specifically and more generally how fabulous the chihuahua breed is. Here's just some of what you'll see: Chihuahua Pictures and Videos I will be uploading videos and pictures of Farfl so that you can follow her development and training right from the day she was...
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