Farfl doesn’t like the saxophone

When my kid practises her saxophone Farfl gets howly. She really doesn't dig the music,...

Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen!

Best Chihuahua pet carrier I’ve ever seen! I'm lucky enough to be going to London, Ontario next year for a couple of months to perform in a theatre play and Farfl's coming too! I'll be travelling between London and Toronto mostly using the train so I've been searching high and low for a good bag to carry Farlf in. Her hard-sided carrying crate is a bit unwieldy to shlep around with a suitcase! All the carriers I've looked at have been too...

Farfl in the park

Chihuahuas may be small....but they sure are mighty! I worked really hard with Farfl to socialize her as much as possible with dog of many different breeds, sizes and energy levels to make sure that she would be as confident as possible wherever we went. And it certainly paid off! Here she is off-leash with a couple of other dogs at our local park. Unless she is surrounded by many dogs she...

Farfl and the fleece

Okay, so my first mistake was dropping my fleece on the floor. Once Farfl got hold of it it became her new bed. And she hasn't given it up yet. The only thing that distracts her is when my kid comes home....

Farfl falling asleep

Ooh, this might be the cutest video ever....... Too cute!...
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