Farfl is 2 today!

Farfl is 2 today! I can't believe it. She's 2 years old already! On Sunday I took her to PawsWay to a Chihuahua/Daschund meet-up. It was adorable. She met Biscuit the 6 month old Chihuahua puppy who's the same size as her, and lots of other dogs. Click on the pictures below to see them full size. [Show as slideshow]

Farfl’s first hotel stay

Finding a dog-friendly hotel is no easy feat. Last weekend was visiting day at my kid's camp. In Sudbury. Which will mean nothing to anyone unless they live in Ontario, Canada. I'm a city slicker now, but I grew up in darkest Warwickshire. Very pretty, very rural, tiny village, not much going on. But a damn site cuter than Sudbury. But I digress - this blog post is not supposed to be about...

Farfl at Afrofest 2009

Farfl at Afrofest 2009 It was a long day and she coped admirably! On Sunday we decided to walk down to Afrofest because Oumou Sangaré was playing - one of my husband's favourites. Then we thought - why not take the dog? It was a good opportunity for my husband (above) to experience what it's like to take a dog to an event. He doesn't have much experience of dogs and was worried she'd get squished. All the kids...

Get Farfl Updates Via Email

Get Farfl Updates Via Email I finally worked out how to use Feedburner! What this means is that you can now subscribe to Farfl.com and receive updates by email. So if there's a new post on the website, you'll get an email. Just once a day. If there's no email that day - that means there's nothing new on Farfl.com. And you can unsubscribe at any time! Simply type your email address into the box on the right (underneath where...

Totally Cute Chihuahua Pictures

Totally Cute Chihuahua Pictures Okay, so there's no real reason to post - other than Farfl just doesn't stop being cute. This is Farfl in her arch nemesis Jess' bed. I knitted it for Jess when I discovered felting. Jess dug it for a while then got tired of it. Farfl was happy to take it over.... With her in the bed is the little squeaky crab toy her breeder Lenni Reed sent home with her. She still loves it! It was the...
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