Farfl has been spayed!

Farfl has been spayed! Yes, Farfl is back from the vet's having been neutered. I picked her up from the vet's at lunchtime today and all is well. She has a couple of stitches and had two baby teeth taken out at the same time as being spayed - the vet even kept them for me! Apparently she did really well - sometimes chihuahuas' breathing can get "huffy" while under anaesthetic, but Farfl was fine. She was agressive to...

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous Chihuahua.com

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous Chihuahua.com Famous Chihuahua is one of our favourite websites, so when we got the email that Farfl was the featured chihuahua of the day, we were super-excited! Check out Farfl's page and the rest of the website - if you love chihuahuas, you'll love Famous...

Our Contact Page is Fixed!

Our Contact Page is Fixed! I know I should have done this a while ago, but hey-ho. You'll all be thrilled to know that I've finally gotten around to fixing the contact page on this website. I apologize that it's taken me a while - I was trying to be clever and that's rarely a good idea. Now you can email us with your questions, stories etc. and you will get a response! Thanks for your...

Farfl’s First Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up

Farfl’s First Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up Puppy kindergarten was over...she'd had all her shots...it was time. We were excited. This would be the first time since she came from her breeder that Farfl would be hanging out with more than one other chihuahua! It was also the first time Farfl had been on public transport. We walked to Davisville subway station and took the TTC down to Union where we got on a streetcar to PawsWay. Luckily we...

Farfl’s Chihuahua Store Goes Live!

Farfl’s Chihuahua Store Goes Live! Great news at Farfl the Wonderdog! It's taken me a long time to build (sorry for the brief hiatus in blog posts),  but finally the website has a store dedicated to all things chihuahua! If you really care about your darling chi then you, like me, spend hours trawling the internet for everything your chihuahua could ever need: coats for cold or inclement weather, boots to protect their tiny feet...
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