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One of the Italian charms I bought on eBay

One of the Italian charms I bought on eBay

If you have a chihuahua I'm betting that you have a bunch of friends with chihuahuas too. And if you have a chihuahua I'm also betting that you naturally gravitate towards all kinds of chihuahua-related tchatchkes like chihuahua figurines, mugs, key chains, accessories etc.

When I was waiting for Farfl to be old enough to come home I was obsessed with everything chihuahua - I didn't go quite as far as getting a t-shirt for myself with "I heart chihuahuas" on it, but I came very close.

I trawled through local pet stores and online shops for chihuahua stuff. I bought a bunch of Italian charms for my watch, including one I had made-to-order with Farfl's name on it.

When my girlfriend caught sight of the chihuahua zipper pull on my winter coat a couple of weeks before I got Farfl she made fun of me. But I didn't care. I loved it and I was excited about it. "Is that a chihuahua? Where did you get it?" "eBay." " really can find anything....."

And it's true! I've found cross stitch patterns, figurines, salt and pepper shakers, earrings and yes, t-shirts with "I heart chihuahuas" on them. The other day I bought a crochet pattern for a chihuahua-themed blanket.

There really is no end to the things you can find that celebrate our love of chihuahuas. Enjoy the selection below and please contact us if you find a great online store for chihuahua memorabilia that we can link to from this website.

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