Chihuahua Supplies

Farfl wearing the winter coat I found for her on eBay

Farfl wearing the winter coat I found for her on eBay

If you own a chihuahua, or indeed any toy breed, you'll know how hard it is to find stuff that's appropriate for their small size. When Farfl was very small, I had trouble finding a leash that didn't have a giant, heavy clip attached to it. Then I had problems finding a lightweight harness that didn't pinch her skin. She stepped out of her first set of snowboots - and they were the smallest I could find! None of the clothes in PetSmart were small enough for her. It was very frustrating!

Then I discovered eBay. Well, I didn't just discover eBay in 2009, but I found it to be an invaluable source of supplies for my tiny dog! As soon as I typed "chihuahua" into the search engine I realized that there was a wealth of goodies on offer from all over the world, from winter jackets to rain coats, crates and tiny beds. I've even bought knitting and sewing patterns designed especially for toy breeds from eBay - a great alternative if you're crafty like me!

And it's not just clothing and supplies for your chihuahua either - if you love chihuahuas you probably love all kinds of chihuahua gifts and knick-knacks - if you're looking for something collectible that's unusual or rare, eBay is ideal.

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I know eBay isn't the only great source for chihuahua goodies - if you know of any great chihuahua or small breed stores that have websites, please contact us and we'll post a link to them on this site!

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