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A chihuahua in his winter coat

A chihuahua in his winter coat

Because chihuahuas are the smallest of the dog breeds, dressing them up is both a practical consideration and a fun hobby!

Although Farfl herself is not at all fond of wearing clothes, it's imperative that she is properly dressed during our bitter Toronto winters. She needs boots to protect her paws not only from the cold of snow and ice, but also from the salt. Salt can give her an upset stomach if she licks her paws too much, and can also corrode the tiny pads. I had a good friend whose little dog ended up having terribly sore and cracked feet which not only caused his dog a great deal of pain but also cost him hundreds of dollars in vet's bills to fix!

She also needs a coat - with temperatures dipping down to twenty degrees Celsius below freezing the danger of hypothermia is real. Also, because chihuahuas have prominent, delicate ears you have to be extremely careful not to expose your dog to frostbite.

But it's not just chihuahua owners in cold climates that are looking for clothing for their dogs. Raincoats come in handy when you're only a couple of inches off the ground! Farfl is much happier to go out in inclement weather when she's wearing her coat.

Perhaps you like to dress your dog in cute outfits - my girlfriend's chihuahua Gem is actually calmer and more docile when she's wearing a t-shirt or party dress! Plenty of the people I know from the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up bring their chihuahuas in fabulous get-ups from leather jackets to couture coats and flouncy layered tutus.

Whatever you're looking for, I hope you enjoy the selection below. I've found some great stuff on .

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