Get Farfl Updates Via Email

Get Farfl Updates Via Email I finally worked out how to use Feedburner! What this means is that you can now subscribe to and receive updates by email. So if there's a new post on the website, you'll get an email. Just once a day. If there's no email that day - that means there's nothing new on And you can unsubscribe at any time! Simply type your email address into the box on the right (underneath where...

Aggressive Dog on our Walk

Aggressive Dog on our Walk Ugh - it's been one of those days where through no fault of your own you get into something with a complete stranger. I was taking Farfl on a long walk through the park and alongside Mount Pleasant Cemetery in midtown Toronto this afternoon. As usual, Farfl goes off-leash as soon as we're on the pathway - as do lots of other dogs on that pedestrianized stretch. On the bridge a woman was...

Totally Cute Chihuahua Pictures

Totally Cute Chihuahua Pictures Okay, so there's no real reason to post - other than Farfl just doesn't stop being cute. This is Farfl in her arch nemesis Jess' bed. I knitted it for Jess when I discovered felting. Jess dug it for a while then got tired of it. Farfl was happy to take it over.... With her in the bed is the little squeaky crab toy her breeder Lenni Reed sent home with her. She still loves it! It was the...

Farfl has been spayed!

Farfl has been spayed! Yes, Farfl is back from the vet's having been neutered. I picked her up from the vet's at lunchtime today and all is well. She has a couple of stitches and had two baby teeth taken out at the same time as being spayed - the vet even kept them for me! Apparently she did really well - sometimes chihuahuas' breathing can get "huffy" while under anaesthetic, but Farfl was fine. She was agressive to...

Farfl Comes to Work

Farfl Comes to Work I was excited. Farfl was excited. Everyone in the office was excited. I've been temping in a downtown office in Toronto and yesterday the office manager suggested I bring my dog to work. I was ecstatic! This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but sadly haven't had the opportunity. I jumped at the chance! My husband was thrilled because Farfl hasn't been going out to poo or pee...

Farfl falling asleep

Ooh, this might be the cutest video ever....... Too cute!...

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous

Farfl is the Featured Chihuahua on Famous Famous Chihuahua is one of our favourite websites, so when we got the email that Farfl was the featured chihuahua of the day, we were super-excited! Check out Farfl's page and the rest of the website - if you love chihuahuas, you'll love Famous...

Farfl Gets The Zoomies

Does your dog ever run up the walls? For fun? Farfl goes a little stir-crazy when it's raining and I discovered that she can burn off a lot of energy in our basement because it is carpeted (unlike the rest of the house which has bare floorboards) and she can get some decent traction. I've wanted to capture her "zoomies" for the longest time. And here they are. I think you'll agree - well worth...

Farfl Tries To Make Friends With The Cat

At six months old Farfl is becoming a more mature chihuahua... But that doesn't mean that Jess the cat wants anything to do with her. Poor Farfl tries to impress Jess with her new chew bone, but all Jess does is growl and slink away. Better luck next time, little...

Neutering Your Chihuahua

Neutering Your Chihuahua I hate the idea of an invasive procedure. But it's every responsible owner's duty to have their pet fixed. But what are the things you need to consider before getting your chihuahua neutered? I signed a non-breeding agreement when I bought Farfl from Lenni Reed in November 2008 - I have no wish to go through the stress of owning a pregnant dog and dealing with the care of puppies, especially...
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