Smallest Chihuahua in the World?

Smallest Chihuahua in the World? I read today in the British newspaper the Telegraph online about a really tiny Chihuahua bred in Yorkshire, England. Lulu (pictured above) is only four inches high at nine weeks. Her owner, Jean Tindall, who has bred Chihuahuas for most of her life, says she's never seen a smaller one and won't be selling her even though she's had a lot of interest in the tiny puppy. Have you come across a...

What is a Miniature Teacup Chihuahua?

What is a Miniature Teacup Chihuahua? Just what is a mini chihuahua? If you have ever looked through the classified ads for a chihuahua puppy you will see the expressions "teacup chihuahua", "teacup tiny chihuahua" and "mini chihuahua" bandied about.  But what does it mean? What's the difference between a teacup chihuahua and a regular chihuahua? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is actually no such thing. A chihuahua is a...

Which Breeder?

Which Breeder? Why and how I picked a breeder So I finally decided on a chihuahua. But where should I get one from? Did I want an adult dog or or a puppy? From an animal rescue shelter or from a breeder? I hadn’t had a dog in a long time, and I’d never had the opportunity to train one from scratch on my own, so I decided to get a puppy. Which meant finding a breeder, because I would never buy a puppy from...
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