Farfl Finds Fun Everywhere!

Who needs expensive toys? Not Farfl - all she needs is a couch with rustly upholstery and a hand to chase. She displays some pretty fierce growly barks and a stupendously waggy tail in this video. I also like how she looks out of the corner of her eye -...

Farfl and the Chew Bone

It’s amazing what fun a tiny chihuahua can have with something that’s meant to clean her teeth. Farfl is definitely teething right now and to stop her from chewing on my hand, my trousers, or the furniture, I bought her a nylon chew bone - chicken flavoured. This was shortly before the cat, who hadn’t noticed her on the ground, picked a fight with her as she got up on the chaise...

Leash Training Breakthrough!

Leash Training Breakthrough! I was a bit embarrassed at puppy kindergarten this week. Our homework for the first week of puppy training was having the puppy on a leash tied to you at all times except if the puppy was tethered while you were doing something like cooking. Let's just say it didn't exactly go to plan. One of the issues I hadn't quite counted on with a small dog is that although you can find tiny, lightweight...

Farfl and the Blue Rabbit

Who knew a $3 rabbit from the supermarket could be so much fun? Just like little kids who prefer the tat you buy at the dollar store better than the super-fancy presents, so it is with puppies. This rabbit toy is only about 6 inches long, which gives you some idea of how tiny Farfl really...

Farfl and the Red Ball – Rematch!

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings....or the puppy gets bored. Later the same day that Farfl met the red ball she displayed some superb puppy bouncing which I was lucky enough to get on camera. There is nothing that quite beats the exuberance and pure joy that you see in a puppy at play. I wonder if she'll ever be big enough to make it onto the chaise longue without any...
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