Farfl and the Monkey

Farfl has a new toy - and it's a monkey! Farfl is indeed a fearsome chihuahua. Witness how she takes down this naughty monkey and shows him who's boss in the latest Farfl video. That poor monkey never stood a...

Farfl and the Blue Rabbit

Who knew a $3 rabbit from the supermarket could be so much fun? Just like little kids who prefer the tat you buy at the dollar store better than the super-fancy presents, so it is with puppies. This rabbit toy is only about 6 inches long, which gives you some idea of how tiny Farfl really...

Farfl and the Red Ball – Rematch!

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings....or the puppy gets bored. Later the same day that Farfl met the red ball she displayed some superb puppy bouncing which I was lucky enough to get on camera. There is nothing that quite beats the exuberance and pure joy that you see in a puppy at play. I wonder if she'll ever be big enough to make it onto the chaise longue without any...

Farfl Meets the Red Ball

This is the first video I took of Farfl I bought a cheap, red rattle ball from Ikea (I think it was like $2) and it turned out to be almost as big as Farfl.... This video was taken the day after Farfl came home. She was starting to come out of her shell and play and this is the first toy I introduced her to. The blanket that she takes the ball to is one I knitted for her before she came home. I...
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