Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week

Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week Farfl and I were out for a Sunday afternoon walk when we met Nathan and his camera. Nathan takes pictures of his two dogs all the time and offered to take some candid shots of Farfl. These are the results. Farfl shows off her Buddy...

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up Farfl and I had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up at PawsWay. Thanks so much to Tina Chuck for organizing another great event. There were between twenty and thirty dogs there with their owners, two tiny puppies and lots of fun! It really is a wonderful way to socialize your dogs off-leash in a safe environment. Is there a Chihuahua group in your area? I found the...

Farfl in the park

Chihuahuas may be small....but they sure are mighty! I worked really hard with Farfl to socialize her as much as possible with dog of many different breeds, sizes and energy levels to make sure that she would be as confident as possible wherever we went. And it certainly paid off! Here she is off-leash with a couple of other dogs at our local park. Unless she is surrounded by many dogs she...

Going Off-Leash

Going Off-Leash If there's one thing I've learned since getting a small dog, it's that you might be able to control your dog off-leash, but you sure as hell can't control anyone else's. One of the things you have to realize as a chihuahua owner is that although your little prince or princess might behave impeccably at the park, the same cannot be said for OPDs or Other People's Dogs (or their bloody owners, for...

One Bad Decision Costs $2,000

One Bad Decision Costs $2,000 Why didn't I put her in the crate.... My husband is finishing writing his latest book at the moment and is a little bit stressed. I needed to go out and get some coffee and go to the bank and I decided to take Farfl with me so that she wouldn't bug him. What a bad decision that turned out to be...Farfl had coped really well being in my purse the other day after puppy kindergarten class so I...
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