Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up Farfl and I had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up at PawsWay. Thanks so much to Tina Chuck for organizing another great event. There were between twenty and thirty dogs there with their owners, two tiny puppies and lots of fun! It really is a wonderful way to socialize your dogs off-leash in a safe environment. Is there a Chihuahua group in your area? I found the...

Farfl in the park

Chihuahuas may be small....but they sure are mighty! I worked really hard with Farfl to socialize her as much as possible with dog of many different breeds, sizes and energy levels to make sure that she would be as confident as possible wherever we went. And it certainly paid off! Here she is off-leash with a couple of other dogs at our local park. Unless she is surrounded by many dogs she...

Farfl Gets The Zoomies

Does your dog ever run up the walls? For fun? Farfl goes a little stir-crazy when it's raining and I discovered that she can burn off a lot of energy in our basement because it is carpeted (unlike the rest of the house which has bare floorboards) and she can get some decent traction. I've wanted to capture her "zoomies" for the longest time. And here they are. I think you'll agree - well worth...

Farfl Has a New Friend!

Okay, this is ridiculously cute. I took Farfl to my girlfriend's house last week. The girlfriend, in fact, who inspired me to get a chihuahua in the first place. Her little chi is called Gem and is an absolute sweetheart. I had read in several books on chihuahuas that they get on best with their own breed. But I had no idea if this was really true...Gem was a bit hesitant when we first arrived at...

Farfl and the Couch

Farfl is really easy to entertain. Right after she finished taking the monkey to task it was time to teach the couch a lesson. Don't mess with this chihuahua puppy - she can take you all! One of the things I love about Farfl is how playful she is. She's learned pretty quickly to play gently with humans and other animals, but not with inanimate objects, upon whom she unleashes her full wrath. Heh...
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