Farfl and the Monkey

Farfl has a new toy - and it's a monkey! Farfl is indeed a fearsome chihuahua. Witness how she takes down this naughty monkey and shows him who's boss in the latest Farfl video. That poor monkey never stood a...

Farfl Attacks a Chicken

I don't know what this poor chicken ever did to Farfl It was a Christmas present from my Dad and Farfl the chihuahua puppy loves it. She is not intimidated even though it squeaks and is bigger than her. She chases after it and then bites it in a painful looking place... There's something pretty funny and twisted about where she bites the chicken. Well, I'll let you judge for yourselves... Like I...

Farfl Finds Fun Everywhere!

Who needs expensive toys? Not Farfl - all she needs is a couch with rustly upholstery and a hand to chase. She displays some pretty fierce growly barks and a stupendously waggy tail in this video. I also like how she looks out of the corner of her eye -...
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