This week’s super-cute chihuahua pictures!

While Farfl was staying at Shangri-Paw she met a pug puppy called Rocco. They were pretty close in size and became firm friends. Click on each picture to see the full story. Thanks so much to Sharon Herman for posting these on Facebook!

Boarding your Chihuahua

Boarding your Chihuahua Every year at the end of August our family goes away to a festival in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec. My husband teaches, my daughter runs around with her friends and I relax and listen to music all day long by the lake. This year was the first year we've had to consider what to do with Farfl. Jess the cat is easy. She has a wonderful visitor, Betsy, from BredinsBest. But what to do with the...

Farfl at Afrofest 2009

Farfl at Afrofest 2009 It was a long day and she coped admirably! On Sunday we decided to walk down to Afrofest because Oumou Sangaré was playing - one of my husband's favourites. Then we thought - why not take the dog? It was a good opportunity for my husband (above) to experience what it's like to take a dog to an event. He doesn't have much experience of dogs and was worried she'd get squished. All the kids...

Farfl’s First Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up

Farfl’s First Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up Puppy kindergarten was over...she'd had all her was time. We were excited. This would be the first time since she came from her breeder that Farfl would be hanging out with more than one other chihuahua! It was also the first time Farfl had been on public transport. We walked to Davisville subway station and took the TTC down to Union where we got on a streetcar to PawsWay. Luckily we...

Farfl Graduates From Puppy Kindergarten

Farfl Graduates From Puppy Kindergarten She made it all the way through her eight weeks of basic training! I'd heard pretty mixed reviews of training classes at Petsmart, but as soon as I met Heather I knew I was in the right place. I'd only gone into Petsmart to buy some cat claw clippers to trim Farfl's tiny nails when a very helpful lady who introduced herself to me as Heather offered to show me where they were. I told her I was...
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