Cute chihuahua picture of the week

Cute chihuahua picture of the week Farfl was "chillin'" (as I believe the kids say) and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of her. I knitted the blanket for Farfl before she was old enough to come home. Click on the "More" link to see more pictures. The blanket is on top of a cushion that my best friend Emma made for me before I emigrated to Canada from England. It's next to my desk in my home office and it's where Farfl hangs...

Farfl and the Chew Bone

It’s amazing what fun a tiny chihuahua can have with something that’s meant to clean her teeth. Farfl is definitely teething right now and to stop her from chewing on my hand, my trousers, or the furniture, I bought her a nylon chew bone - chicken flavoured. This was shortly before the cat, who hadn’t noticed her on the ground, picked a fight with her as she got up on the chaise...
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