Farfl has been spayed!

Farfl has been spayed! Yes, Farfl is back from the vet's having been neutered. I picked her up from the vet's at lunchtime today and all is well. She has a couple of stitches and had two baby teeth taken out at the same time as being spayed - the vet even kept them for me! Apparently she did really well - sometimes chihuahuas' breathing can get "huffy" while under anaesthetic, but Farfl was fine. She was agressive to...

Neutering Your Chihuahua

Neutering Your Chihuahua I hate the idea of an invasive procedure. But it's every responsible owner's duty to have their pet fixed. But what are the things you need to consider before getting your chihuahua neutered? I signed a non-breeding agreement when I bought Farfl from Lenni Reed in November 2008 - I have no wish to go through the stress of owning a pregnant dog and dealing with the care of puppies, especially...

Choosing a Vet

Choosing a Vet The right vet makes all the difference. When I was doing my research on chihuahuas I started looking for a decent vet. I needed to get a vet anyway since our cat, Jessica, had started to go outside. Jess spent most of her early life as an indoor cat - we got her from Toronto Humane Society when she was about a year old. She had already been declawed at the front and spayed. When we moved this...
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