This Chihuahua is a star!

This Chihuahua is a star! I've always known that Farfl the Wonderdog was a star Chihuahua, but now maybe it's time everyone else did... I met photographer Jessicah Dutton at a stand-up gig in November. She told me she was putting together a series of photoshoots of female dog owners with their dogs for a coffee table book and wondered if I'd be interested. Would I?! Then my laptop got stolen over Christmas. I lost Jess's...

Farfl’s best friend

Farfl’s best friend Although Farfl has many friends in the park I take her to, there is one dog that I think she loves above all others - Newt. We first met Newt at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-up group and haven't stopped bumping into him since - luckily he only lives across the park from us. I read a lot about Chihuahuas before Farfl came to me and one of the facts I found most intriguing was that Chihuahuas get on...

Farfl is 2 today!

Farfl is 2 today! I can't believe it. She's 2 years old already! On Sunday I took her to PawsWay to a Chihuahua/Daschund meet-up. It was adorable. She met Biscuit the 6 month old Chihuahua puppy who's the same size as her, and lots of other dogs. Click on the pictures below to see them full size. [Show as slideshow]

Farfl at Woofstock

Farfl at Woofstock Last weekend I took Farfl to Woofstock for the first time. For those of you that don't know, Woofstock is the biggest festival for dogs in North America. And it happens in my home town! Last year we couldn't go because Farfl had just been spayed, so I was very excited to be able to attend this year with my great friend Joanne Borts, who was in town doing Fiddler on the Roof. I was excited to see...

Farfl the Wonderdog look-a-like

Who'da thunk it? That there could be another Farfl? Well, obviously there isn't another actual Farfl the Wonderdog, but there is Tia the five pound black Chihuahua Farfl look-a-like! Her mum Tara got in touch with me via the website and here's what she had to say: I just ran across your website the other night randomly. Tia is a great little girl she is 7 months old now and weighs 5lbs. She is...

This week’s cute Chihuahua picture

This week’s cute Chihuahua picture You gotta love these pictures of Farfl with her turtle on the basement stairs. I dare you not to say "Awwww!" at least once. I DARE YOU! Click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures. [Show as slideshow]

Chihuahua adopts kittens

Chihuahua adopts kittens This has to be the cutest Chihuahua news story in ages. In Surrey, British Columbia, a new Chihuahua mom called Buttercup has adopted not one, not two, but nine kittens! The story started off sadly - Buttercup lost a puppy four hours after it was born. Her owner, a vet called Lisa Scribner, was worried how dejected Buttercup seemed until she got a call that a litter of five kittens had been...

Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week

Cute Chihuahua Picture(s) of the Week Farfl and I were out for a Sunday afternoon walk when we met Nathan and his camera. Nathan takes pictures of his two dogs all the time and offered to take some candid shots of Farfl. These are the results. Farfl shows off her Buddy...

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up

Toronto Chihuahua Easter Meet-Up Farfl and I had a wonderful time on Sunday at the Toronto Chihuahua Meet-Up at PawsWay. Thanks so much to Tina Chuck for organizing another great event. There were between twenty and thirty dogs there with their owners, two tiny puppies and lots of fun! It really is a wonderful way to socialize your dogs off-leash in a safe environment. Is there a Chihuahua group in your area? I found the...

Farfl doesn’t like the saxophone

When my kid practises her saxophone Farfl gets howly. She really doesn't dig the music,...
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